Gone Home
Although he was struggling with Alzheimer’s Disease in his later years, he was still surrounded by music, attended many steel
guitar conventions, and was recently honored by Myriad Media Records at a tribute concert honoring his legacy.  We saw tears
from Sonny’s eyes as The Johnny Webb Band played He Stopped Loving Her Today, and I Don’t Need No Rocking Chair.  
Together Again
Who’s Gonna Fill His Shoes?

Richard “Sonny” Curtis, born October 22, 1935 in Chillicothe, OH, passed away October 11, 2019.
A loving, funny, talented, and extremely gifted man, Sonny played steel guitar for George Jones and Tammy Wynette for 17
years.  He left us all with many beautiful memories and the sweet smooth sound of his steel guitar – a sound that will forever
play in our hearts.

Sonny is survived by his wife, Barbara Curtis, his son, Rick Curtis and grandson, Chris Curtis, and 2 great-grandchildren;
also two stepdaughters, Ronda Drake and Sondra Brumlow, 11 step-grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren.  There are
also many friends and fans who were touched by his unique way of expressing his passion for life and music who will also
miss him.  His sense of humor, his sly grin, and his endearing demeanor were all hallmarks of this unforgettable man.  His
legend lives on in each of us; we will never forget him.

Sonny’s last days were spent with his wife, Barbara, and his fur babies, Bruiser and JoJo, in their home in Somerset, KY,
surrounded by peaceful, beautiful sunsets and landscapes.  At the adult center where he visited frequently, he had many
friends, and loved sharing stories of his days on the road with George & Tammy.  Yet, according to the facility director,
when 3:00 came around, he would always say, “I’m going home to my Honey!”

Together Again:  We are missing you already, Sonny, but imagining all of your reunions with a healthy body and mind
makes it a little easier.  Now, instead of you crying when hearing George sing this song, we will.

Who’s gonna fill their shoes?
Who’s gonna stand that tall?
Who’s gonna play the Opry,
And the Wabash Cannonball?
Who’s gonna give their heart and soul
To get to me and you?
Lord, I wonder
Who’s gonna fill their shoes.
It is with a sad and broken heart that I have to say goodbye to my love
and my sole mate.  We met 20 years ago, fell in love and married
May 7th, 2000.  We have had many adventures enjoying life together.

Sonny was diagnosed with Altzheimers several years ago.  We have
faced that terrible decease together.  On September 27th he came
home from "Just Like Family" adult day care (he so love the people
there) not feeling well.  I told him to ly down and take a nap.  When I
woke him 2 hours later he had a burning fever.  I rush him to the
Hospital where he remain for 14 days fighting double Pneumonia. He
refused to eat anything while there.  On October 11th (11 days before
his 84th birthday) he passed away weighing only 75 to 80 pounds.
The director of the day care said all he talked about was his years on
the road his friends and me.  Her quote was " He felt wherever you
were was home."  

I have had his body cremated and he is home with me where he
wanted to be.  He is now safe and free of all cares resting in the arms
of Jesus. To all his many friends that he loved so much, thank you for
loving him.  No one can fill his shoes

Sonny looking at his wall of  
memories.  He was loved by
so many
On the road to a Steel Guitar Jam
Goodbye My Love
Barbara Curtis
131 Wayne Pierce Street
Somerset, Ky.  42503
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