We were so saddened at the
passing of a dear friend and
a country icon . We were
priviledged to be
invited to the viewing on the
Wednesday  before the
funeral and were able to
stand next to his coffin.  We
will surely miss him.
.Sonny still weeps when he
hears George's
voice....There will never be
George Jones.
This is my sister Carolyn Johnson
Our sweet little Mitzi passed away about 2
years ago.  We sure do miss her., But she is in
heaven with her little sister Pritzi
My brother Larry who passed
away almost four years ago
We have recently moved to
Conyers, Ga .  We sold out home
in Columbus, Oh.  Sonny has
been diagnosed with Alzheimers.  
If you would like to get in touch
with him, contact me through my
email address.
Bruiser is a wonderful pet.  So
regal and a true companion to
both of us.
JoJo is our baby, so sweet and
lovable.  She was the runt of the
litter and still weighs only 4 lbs.  
She is three, full grown and loves